LSU Game Bus

War Eagle! This year The New Orleans Auburn Club will be facilitating transportation from New Orleans to Baton Rouge for the Auburn-LSU game on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26th.

The bus offers air conditioning, comfortable reclining seats with arm and footrests, and restroom facilities for a fun and comfortable ride to Tiger Stadium.

Tickets will be available soon in our online store.

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Q: What do we need in order to get on the bus when we show up?
A: Please have the ticket purchaser provide ID and a printed receipt. Anyone who did not place the order themselves should arrive with the ticket purchaser. If this is not possible, please specify the plus-one names in the merchant notes when placing your order, or send us an email with this information.

Q: Will there be an organized tailgate in Baton Rouge?
A: No, there will not be any organized tailgate.

Q: Will there be a Tiger Walk in Baton Rouge? If so, when and where?
A: Yes there will. The time has not yet been announced, but they are typically two hours before kickoff.

Q: Can we bring coolers on the bus?
A: As long as you can fit it in your seat with you, it is allowed.

Q: Can we leave things on the bus during the game?
A: Yes. The drivers will open up the cargo area about an hour before kickoff so passengers can drop off coolers, etc. as well.

Q: What if I’m late getting to the bus?
A: You will be left. The bus LEAVES 1118 N Peters St. 4 ½ hours before kickoff (Time TBD) and LEAVES Lot 406 in Baton Rouge exactly one hour after the game ends. We suggest arriving at the pickup location 30 minutes earlier so that we can get you checked in on time.

Q: I can’t make the trip to Baton Rouge. Will Auburn fans still be meeting at the normal meeting spot?
A: Yes. There will be a watch party at Central City BBQ.

Q: Will koozies and T-shirts be available for sale on the bus or at Central City BBQ?
A: Koozies and T-shirts will be available both on the bus and at Central City BBQ. You can also purchase them in our online store as always.

Schedule and Details

The Bus will pick up at the French Market at 1118 N Peters St, New Orleans, LA 70116. The bus will leave about 4 ½ hours before kickoff. Please arrive thirty minutes before that. Final times TBD.

The bus drops off in Baton Rouge at Bus Parking Lot 406 on Skip Bertman Drive.

The bus will LEAVE Lot 406 exactly one hour after the game ends to return to New Orleans.